Culture and Philosophy

Although a boutique, Sabre’s infrastructure is robust and more akin to an institution, with all investment and operational functions being handled internally, with clear reporting lines and accountability.

Risk monitoring and management is firmly anchored within the strategy and a fundamental part of the Sabre’s investment process. In addition to embedded risk management techniques, a Risk Oversight Committee provides an integrated approach to analysing risk across all of Sabre’s activities. The management team and staff maintain a comprehensive risk management framework. Sabre’s expertise in risk management * ensures trading takes place within tightly defined parameters whilst maximising opportunities for generating alpha.

Sabre Fund Management is an investment led firm with an active research and development program to ensure that each portfolio manager is also responsible for research in his field of expertise. Sabre believes that by not separating the R&D and portfolio management roles, that a greater degree of commercial success is derived from the new ideas generated and that ideas “get to the table” quicker.

Sabre has the ability to cater for all different kinds of investor, being able to tailor the investment processes for both absolute return and long only mandates. Managed accounts are available and investors in SMA’s can choose which sub strategies they would like employed, according to their view on the markets. Sabre seeks to provide its clients with solutions to their investment needs.

* Our investment strategies involve significant risk.

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